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Beautiful crystal watermelon Huggies earrings


Product type

Ballet Bow Long

gold filled earrings rainbow hoops

Carnival Hoop

Cute bow earrings

Ballet Bow

gold filled huggies

Grip Huggie

Cupid Hoops red heart shaped earrings
Small earring Stack of 18k gold fill Huggies

Staple Stack

gold filled hoop
gold filled hoop huggies

Baby Bubble Huggies

Large gold filled hoops

Big Bubble Hoop

Photos of large square shaped gold hoops

Pamu Hoops

Small gold everyday hoops
Emerald green gold filled earrings

Aurora Huggies

gold filled organic earrings

Lumier Earrings

18k gold filled wavy earrings

Wave Hoops

Freshwater Pearl drop hoop earrings
gold filled pearl pendant hoops
Wavy design 18k gold filled earring
gold filled hoops

Drop Hoops

gold filled heavy hoops earrings

Chubby Hoops

Carabiner inspired earrings

Cara Hoops

Cute red heart stud earrings

Cupid Studs

Red sparkly stud earrings
Glass chilli pepper charm earrings

Spicy Drops

Small gold Huggies that kiss the ear
Square shaped stud hoops in gold
Pink crystal hoop earrings

Gelato Hoops


Bixby and Co Jewellery - Sydney Australia

When it comes to personal style, jewellery plays a vital role in expressing individuality and enhancing one's overall appearance. Whether you're preparing for a casual day out or a glamorous evening event, knowing how to style your Bixby and Co jewellery can elevate your look to new heights. Here’s some tips on styling jewellery to help you make a statement.

Less is more. Avoid overloading your look with too many pieces. Choose a focal point, such as a stunning necklace like our Leia or a pair of statement earrings, like the Aurora Hoops and keep other pieces understated to let your chosen piece shine.

Match Metals: Consistency in metal tones creates a harmonious look. Mixing gold and silver can work, but it's best done with intention. Check out the Bixby Silver Collection here.

Consider Necklines: Pay attention to your outfit's neckline. For scoop necks, opt for shorter necklaces like chokers, while V-necks pair well with pendant necklaces. Strapless dresses or tops can be paired with a bold collar necklace.

Layering with Care: Layering delicate necklaces can create a trendy look. Start with varying lengths and thicknesses to avoid tangling and ensure each piece complements the others.

Statement Earrings: A simple outfit can be transformed with bold earrings. If your outfit is busy, go for more subtle studs or small hoops.

Balance Bracelets and Rings: Balance is key when styling bracelets and rings. If you stack multiple bracelets on one wrist, keep the other wrist bare. Balance larger rings with more understated ones.

Occasion Matters: Consider the event you're attending. Delicate pieces work for daily wear, while special occasions call for more extravagant options.

Personalize: Don't forget the personal touch. Incorporate sentimental pieces that hold meaning for you.

Try Before Committing: Experiment with different combinations before heading out to your event!
Get more inspired on here.