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Anklets are an unusual way to add extra oomph to an outfit and brighten up a tanned leg. Great for summer days and holidays in Greece!

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ARCHIVE SALE items all appear here. Buy your Bixby and Co favourites now before they disappear! 

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Bixby and Co sale

Best Sellers

The Best sellers are a collection of the Bixby & Co pieces you’ve loved the best.

We know how much you all love the Carnival Hoops, and our Rainbow Range. Excited to see some of our new Honey Collection pieces make it onto this list too! 

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Bixby and Co bestsellers
gold filled earrings rainbow hoops

Carnival Hoop



Check out our statement Arc Cuff, new Liquid Cuffs, some beautiful bangles, and our full Rainbow collection of stunning jewellery.

Beautiful stacking and layering options for all girls.

Bixby and Co Jewellery - wearable sunshine 

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Gold and pearl bracelet


Bixby and Co Earrings are all you need to frame your face and draw attention to your cool hair of the day. Load up your piercings and show off your stack to the world!

Earrings are the perfect every day go to jewellery piece in 18k gold filled and Sterling silver options.

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Multicolour gemstone Gold Bottega style earrings
Colourful gemstone teardrop earrings
New Bixby and Co large organic gold hoops

Swell Hoops

Photos of large square shaped gold hoops

Pamu Hoops



Gifts and Sets are the perfect spot to mix and match all your favourites to save on a bundle, or create the ideal gift idea for you or for her.

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Gift sets

Honey Collection

Welcome to our new collection - Honey, featuring a little something for everyone! 
Pearl loving girls will be drawn to the Milano necklace and bracelet with its unique front clasp designed by us, in 18k gold filled.

For the chunky statement pieces lover, we have the Leia necklace and the funky Twistie neck cuff.

There are plenty of hoops, and some new Sterling Silver pieces.

For those who love romance we have the Puff Heart necklace and drop earrings. Like we said - something for everyone! 

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Bixby and Co Jewellery Honey Collection
gold filled heavy hoops earrings

Chubby Hoops

gold filled hoop

Heebie Hoops



The Limited Edition pieces are our special works of art.

Designed and hand made in our studio to order using 925 purity Sterling silver with a 3 micron thick 18k gold bonded for maximum luxury. This process, known as vermeil (vermay as it’s a French word) creates the most long lasting and luxurious, high sheen gold finish without the price tag of solid gold.

Our Buckingham locket can be engraved inside or pop in a photo of your beloved - or a lock of their hair like the Victorians in England used to do.

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Buckingham Locket and Chelsea Chain

Liquid Silver

Silver jewellery is a versatile and beautiful choice that complements a wide range of skin tones. Whether you have fair, medium, or dark skin, silver jewellery can enhance your natural beauty.

Silver is a perfect way to add a touch of elegance to your look.

Our Sterling Silver pieces are made of Italian 925 Sterling Silver - Italy is the premier country for the quality and craftsmanship of its silver.

Pop back here regularly as we add to our Silver range. Next drop is on 20th July! 

Bixby and Co Jewellery - wearable sunshine 

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Liquid Silver jewellery collection
Liquid cuff in gold

Liquid Cuff

Sterling silver square link jewellery


Necklaces are one of the oldest and most beautiful forms of adornment. We designed Bixby and Co pieces and made them with colour, sparkle and style for the modern girl.

Bixby and Co Jewellery - wearable sunshine 

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Gold heart necklace


New Arrivals will land here first! Now launched - the Salt Collection for summer 2023 including our range of funky sunnies.

Bixby and Co Jewellery - wearable sunshine 

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New Arrivals of gold rings, earrings etc for Bixby

Pearl Delights

Girls who love Pearl Delights are classic, well dressed, top drawer babes. If you know, you know right? Pearls aren't just for your grandma anymore.

Here’s our small selection of pearl jewellery to suit your style. We’ll add to the collection of fresh water pearl jewellery regularly so you can update your look. Come here and shop for weddings and events - though if you ask us, pearls are for life not just for weddings are they?

Bixby and Co Jewellery - wearable sunshine 

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Milan Pearl necklace part of Bixby pearl collection


Bixby and Co Melo Necklace

Introducing our collection of stand out keepsakes curated and designed in collaboration with Pottery Boy, this collection is close to all our hearts and we can’t wait to see you all loving them.
We wanted to make sure everyone could wear and feel confident in this collection.
These pieces are all limited edition and won’t be re stocked.
Each one made from recycled materials and 18k gold filled.
No returns, refunds or exchanges are eligible on this collection
As seen in Harpers Bazaar!
Giska necklace, Melo necklace

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Bixby and Co jewellery and Pottery Boy


Rings are the ultimate in self expression as your hands do so much of your talking, work and showing off. Choose from one of our sterling silver pieces, or a gemstone encrusted 18k gold fill band. 

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Gold ring
gold filled ring

Hug Ring

Pearl and gold fill ring

Akoya Ring


Salt Collection

What is conjured up in your mind when you hear the word SALT? Salty beach days? Spicy Maragritas with the saltiest rim? Mermaid core ?How about our beautiful new pieces hot off the beach in time for summer. Colourful, water safe pieces to take you from pool to bar all summer long.

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Margarita inspired photo of model in new Bixby and Co Jewellery


Sets we've created so you can buy and save, and match up all your fits for a cohesive ‘put together’ look!

Great for gifts and to level up your favourite look. Pearl Jewellery, Sterling Silver and 18k Gold filled 

Bixby and Co Jewellery - wearable sunshine 

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Jewellery Gift sets for Xmas


Everyone needs cool sunglasses for summer! Protect those peepers and stay in style with the newest additions to the Bixby and Co family.

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Sunglasses - Bixby and Company